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General Writing Task 1

You should spend no more than 20 minutes on this task.

You live in a room in college which you share with another student. You find it very difficult to work there because he or she always has friends visiting. They have parties in the room and sometimes borrow your things without asking you.

Write a letter to the Accommodation Officer at the college and ask for a new room next term. You would prefer a single room. Explain your reasons.

You should write at least 150 words.
You do NOT need to write your own address.
Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sample 1

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with my room-mate. As your know we share one room, I can not study in the room at all any more if I still stay there.

She always has friend visiting and has parties in the room. They make lots of noise and switch on the radio very loudly, for me this environment is very difficult to study and I need a quiet room. Even borrows my things without asking, it is very impolite.

I request you can give me a new room next term because I have been asked her has parties in other place many times they still have parties in the room. I really can not stay in the same room with her.

I would be grateful if you could change me a single room.

Band 5

The answer is below the word limit and there is some repetition of the task rubric. (Length is a common problem in General Training scripts). Answers that are short lose marks because there is insufficient material in the answer for the examiner to give credit for accuracy and coherence. Despite these problems, the introduction to the letter is appropriate and the purpose of the writer is clear. The points are not always linked together well and punctuation is sometimes faulty. The sentences are kept quite simple and mistakes occur as soon as more complex structures are attempted.

Sample 2

Accommodation Officer
13, Kings Road

Dear Sir, Dear Lacking

I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction with my room-mate and request for another accommodation next term.

My main problem is that I cannot study in my room because my room-mate always has friends visiting. He also has parties, which usually ends early in the morning, several times a week. Furthermore he often borrows my things without asking me.

I cannot accept this situation any layer. Especially because I have very important exams next term and I really must study hard. This is why I would be very grateful if I could have another room next term. It would be most convenient for me not having to share my room with somebody else.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Band 7

The answer is also short. Although ideas are often provided in the task rubric, candidates are at liberty to include some of their own ideas in their answers. In this case, the candidate has attempted to incorporate some original material. The answer reads quite fluently, is well organised and there is good use of conjunctions to link points. There are some grammatical errors but these do not affect the reader greatly and there is evidence of some more complex sentence structures.

Пример письма-жалобы

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing you to complain about this stereo, which I bought in January. After only two days things started to go wrong.

The first problem was the CD drawer, which opened and closed too quickly. I nearly trapped my fingers in it. The next day I recorded a CD on to a cassette. Everything worked, but the sound quality was very poor. On the following day, the CD Pause button stopped working.

Naturally, I returned the stereo to you for repair. Your assistant said I would have to wait only a week. After two weeks, the necessary spare parts had still not arrived. Eventually, nine weeks later, I collected the stereo. The CD player worked properly, but there was no improvement in the recording quality.

I am not satisfied with the equipment nor with the service I have received. I am therefore writing to ask for a full refund. I will return the stereo to your shop on Monday and I expect to receive a cheque for $250.

Yours faithfully,

Пример письма-заявления на работу


79 Rue Daguerre
Paris 75014
Tel (00.33)

Mrs В Н Albion
Restaurant Angelique
The Royal Parade
Brighton BN1 5JS 

September 7th 1999

Dear Madam

I would like to apply for the position of cook advertised in this month's issue of The Lady'.

As you will see from my CV (enclosed), I served a three-year apprenticeship at the hotel Meurice in Paris. On completion of my apprenticeship, I left the Meurice to work at La Rotonde, where I stayed for 15 months. I was feeling that my career plans were likely to be hampered by my lack of English, so I left La Rotonde to spend six months studying English in Brighton. My English is now fluent, and adequate to meet any social or professional situation, as my examination results attest.

Having very much enjoyed my time in Brighton, I have decided to look for a job in Brighton rather than return to La Rotonde. I am particularly keen to work in Brighton, where I have many good friends. I am available for interview at any time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Carine Colbert

Enc: CV

Пример личного письма

Dear Amy,

Thanks very much for lending me your flat while you were away. I hope you enjoyed your holiday in Morocco as much as I enjoyed my stay in Vltoria. (I'll tell you all about it when I see you at my party on Nov 5th — I do hope you haven't changed your mind about coming!)

Now you've probably been wondering what has happened to your goldfish. (I'm sorry, I meant to leave a note about this, but I forgot.) You will have noticed that they are a bit smaller and, I think, redder than they used to be. This may have come as a bit of a surprise to you, but I expect you have guessed what happened. It's bad news, I'm afraid. The fish you've got now are a pair I bought to replace yours which, I'm sorry to say, were both dead when I arrived in your flat on Aug 10th.

If I'd arrived on the 8th as planned I don't suppose this tragedy would have happened, but the thing is, I got caught up in the strike and had to spend a couple of days at Heathrow. That's life, I suppose, but I still feel rather bad about it, both for myself (48h at Heathrow is no joke) and for the fish.

Perhaps I should sell my story to the newspaper — 'Innocents Suffer In Heartless Strike1, 'Holiday Chaos Hits Heathrow: Two Cie!' Anyway, thanks again for the loan of the flat. I hope I left everything in the right place, and enough money by the phone to cover the few local calls I made — I'm sure you'll tell me if there are any problems. I'm really looking forward to seeing you again, so I do hope you can make it to the party. If not, see you In Bilbao at Christmas.


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